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Numerical control coiling machine

Numerical control coiling machine

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Hengli high precision bullet, 31 years of unremitting design, processing technology, material quality standards, has a separate technical professional development and design of grinding tools, technology department, the speed of sample production is faster, saving customer time. And according to the sales market and the artistic creativity requirements of many customers, the R & D department will develop new products on time to consider the various customization of customers! People's 200% diligence, only for you 10 points satisfactory! You buy not only goods, but also services! People save every cent of the cost, just ask the variable diameter spring manufacturers more grateful feedback to you, everything for you, peace of mind purchase! Multi service support, 31 years of stable quality in the manufacturing industry, to be a well-known brand of Chinese people's peace of mind

You only have to show the main parameters and technical standards of the assembly line, and people will do the rest of the work

The products are all customized products, and the main parameters and pricing are based on the manufacturing material diameter: φ 0.13 - φ 8

Commodity material type: spring stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, etc.

Product category: technology professional production and manufacture of various precision processing, excellent performance of torsion spring, tension spring, compression spring, leaf spring and all kinds of special-shaped spring.

The application of stainless steel spring manufacturer type, meter ruler, car starting motor, storage and finishing bottom box, etc. You don't know about the shrink spring. You can go in and have a look.

With the development trend of spring, we can see more and more spring manufacturers in the spring sales market. However, the springs they designed are different. The key is related to their selection of materials. The selected materials are also at ease. The quality of the products manufactured will undoubtedly be different, and the price is not the same. There are all kinds of ways in the sales market. If you are unexpected, no one else can't do it. The shrink spring is one of them.



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