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New steel belt trimming machine

New steel belt trimming machine

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Gas spring is a kind of common spring yellow, which can play the role of supporting point, buffer, brake system, height width ratio adjustment and angle of view adjustment. It consists of the following parts: working pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston rod, sealing guiding sleeve, filling material [rare gas or gas compound], master cylinder hydraulic control system and external hydraulic control system [refers to controllable gas spring] and connecting head. The basic principle is that in the closed working pressure master cylinder is filled with rare gas or gas compound, so that the working pressure of the cavity body is several times or dozens of times higher than the torsion atmospheric pressure of the steel belt blanking machine. The cross-sectional area of the piston rod is lower than the cross-sectional area of the piston rod by using the coefficient of the steel belt blanking machine, so as to maintain the fitness movement of the piston rod. Because of the different pressure roots in the basic principle, the gas spring has obvious advantages over the general spring: the speed is relatively slow, the dynamic force change is not large [generally within 1:1.2], and it is very easy to operate. However, the current gas spring also has the following problems: the repeated movement or precise positioning of the gas spring must be forced to release the external force, which causes a lot of trouble to the user. Especially when the gas spring is applied to the equipment with large volume or heavy net weight, it is easy to cause damage to the body and objects and endanger its safety factor; besides, the force release of this kind of human factors is not enough The method of force action is also limited to the height of the body and the physical strength of the user [men and women], which makes the use of the gas spring subject to certain limitations. For example, if the air spring exceeds a certain height width ratio or is restrained by the surrounding environment, the air spring can not be applied in areas where the body is not easy to touch, and the advantages of the gas spring can not be fully utilized.

The structure of the electric gas spring is not very effective, the key points of the spiral reciprocating structure of the steel belt blanking machine are not clearly shown, and the credibility of the structure in the work can not be determined.

Generally speaking, the favorable practical effect of this product is: the use of the cylinder block, anti rotation waterproof sleeve and nut on the vertical concave groove or protrusion of each other, the use of motor driver external screw rod to drive the hollow piston rod rod to move up and down, and the installation of the bearing with seat are clear and clear in general, with reliable advantages in work. The structure of this product is simple, clear and effective, and it is very easy to produce and process.