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Steel strip trimming machine

Steel strip trimming machine

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Linear trimming machine and automatic trimming machine are not new to each other. Linear trimming machine and automatic trimming machine have irreplaceable effect in all kinds of panel forming methods and seam processing industry. How to know the price of the equipment? How to choose powerful equipment? Today, people invite technical professionals to do interpretation.

1、 The factors that harm the price of automatic trimming machine

1. The cost of the equipment is directly related to the length of the car body, while the length of the equipment is determined by the length of the processed wood. Generally, the length of basic processing wood is 1.5 meters, 2 meters and 3 meters. The longer the raw materials are processed, the more equipment cost is required to produce stainless steel spring.

2. The price of linear trimming machine and automatic trimming machine is closely related to the equipment, because each manufacturer has different regulations for processing raw materials, so the equipment of trimming machine is also different. From the perspective of automatic control system, there is a relatively high PLC control, some manufacturers fully consider the cost-effective, use frequency converter operation. According to the actual effect of planing and milling straight line, CNC blade with different price can be selected.

3. The regional factor is also one of the factors that affect the price of scroll spring production. The cost of equipment manufactured in different regions is different. The cost of equipment manufactured in South China is higher than that in North China, and the price level is moderately higher. 1. See the actual effect: as we all know, for the process of joint and tight joint, the most important thing is that the assembled wood board must not be separated by the gap, so the actual effect will be good. Therefore, the equipment is powerful and not easy to use. It will be clear at a glance after processing and debugging immediately. The general CNC machine tool trimming machine equipment is controlled by AC servo motor, so there is no problem in the quality level. Naturally, the working experience and technical level of the manufacturer are also more critical.

2. Look at the guide rail: the quality of the guide rail immediately endangers the processing precision of the finished product's winder manufacturer, especially for the processing of longer wood. Therefore, for the guide rail level, the imported guide rail is selected for general equipment to enjoy a longer service life.

In addition to customer service, customers are paying more and more attention to the quality of service. 3.