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Steel strip trimming machine

Steel strip trimming machine

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  • Release date:2020-04-21 00:00:00
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A profiling trimming professional equipment is composed of automatic control system for spring production, cutting system software and profiling organization. Its characteristics depend on the above cutting system software including driver system software, sound card frame, spindle, swing arm, cutter table and workpiece mounting base. The above profiling organization is composed of profiling guide rod, tension spring and cylinder; the main shaft is fixed vertically and fixed on Sound card rack table top; swing arm is installed above the main shaft, swing arm and spindle are mutually vertical and can rotate relative; one end of swing arm is set with cutter table, the other end is connected with drawing spring and cylinder of profiling organization; profiling guide rod and swing arm are installed on the same spindle

During the work, the workpiece is clamped on the wall of the workpiece mounting seat, and the front end of the guide rod of the profiling production variable diameter spring machine is developed. Under the interaction of the tension springs, it is close to the edge corridor of the mold locking intersection of the profiling or die forging (i.e., the workpiece). The workpiece and the cutting NC blade run separately. The profiling guide rod swings with the change of the contour shape at the intersection of the profiling or die forging locking dies Therefore, the NC cutting blade installed on the swing arm swings in the same way. If, because of the unique profile of the workpiece contour, the profiling organization and workpiece movement will be blocked and "stuck" in some positions, then the automatic control system will start the cylinder, and the cylinder piston rod crankshaft will cause the opposite interaction with the tension spring, which will cause a slight relative movement between the profiling guide rod and the surface layer of the workpiece, and then eliminate the "stuck" condition.

The patent profiling trimming professional equipment of the invention reasonably gets rid of the disadvantage of producing constant force spring machine at present, which is very easy to produce "stuck" condition, so that the production and processing compliance rate and productivity are significantly improved.

Figure 2 is the top view of the structure diagram of the invention patent.

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