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Steel strip trimming machine

Steel strip trimming machine

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  • Release date:2020-04-21 00:00:00
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The top end of the guide sleeve is integrally formed with a side wing, which is pressed on the outer inner wall of the pressing plate, and a buried hole for the side wing is arranged on the panel. This product is to install the intelligent trimming machine which can widen the fixture. The cylindrical guide sleeve on the fixture is used to design the holes close to the various shapes on the special mold plate. According to the high-speed running cylinder turning tool, gongs make all kinds of necessary hole modeling design or repair various special-shaped Edge Modeling Design. The intelligent trimming machine of this product is a small engraving machine after the template. It has the following advantages: ① before the production scale is expanded, it can replace the large and medium-sized CNC engraving machine to produce and process a certain number of parts. ② It can reduce the total number of outsourcing parts, save parts processing time, and improve the efficiency of product development. ③ In addition, the scroll spring production saves installation equipment and commodity production and processing sites.

The utility model relates to an intelligent trimming machine, which comprises a trimming machine behavior main body 1, a turning tool 2 and a panel 3 set on the end surface of the trimming machine behavior body; the two sides of the panel are provided with a function of widening the tooling fixture 4; the said widening fixture comprises a pressing plate 4.1 and a guide sleeve 4.2, and the guide sleeve is arranged on the pressing plate according to the matching of standard parts; the guide sleeve 4.2 is circular, and the turning tool extends beyond the panel and is set at the guide The pressing plate 4.1 is close to the panel 3, and the middle between the pressing plate 4.1 and the panel 3 is fixed according to the standard parts. The standard part in this embodiment includes two connecting screws 6 of the pressing plate 4.1 and panel 3, and the sealing gasket 7 and nut 8 set at the back of the panel 3 and matched with the connecting screw 6. The top of the guide sleeve 4.2 is integrally formed with a side wing 4.3, which is pressed on the outer wall of the pressing plate 4.1, and the buried hole 3.1 for the side wing 4.3 is set on the panel 3. The intelligent trimming machine can be used with the special model in Fig. 4 by using the template 9, which can make various necessary hole modeling designs or repair all kinds of special-shaped edge modeling designs.