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Steel strip edge scraping machine

Steel strip edge scraping machine

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Leaf spring belongs to standard parts and fine differentiation belongs to spring yellow type, which is called leaf spring in detail. It belongs to a kind of standard parts. It is a kind of elastic component for installation in equipment and machinery. It plays a role of linear resilience. Leaf spring is widely used in vehicles and is also a special leaf spring for various machines and equipment. For the car, according to the operation organization of the suspension car, when the scroll spring coefficient bears the actual operation force generated during the exercise period of the car, it shows the reliability to the car.

There are various forms of leaf spring, and the development trend is also relatively perfect. At present, leaf springs of various shapes are used in different industries. The application of polymer materials or composite structure of leaf spring has been used for many years, but in China, due to the lack of solid industrial production, immature leaf spring forming technology, and no in-depth analysis of the use of polymer materials and other standards, at this stage, the perfect commodity has not been widely delivered to use steel belt blanking machine materials. Leaf spring is suitable for load-bearing and shock absorption of shafts of cars, heavy machinery and equipment. At present, many leaf springs and components with high toughness and long life have been developed and designed. However, in view of the bearing conditions of several rolling shafts, the traditional leaf spring will have to be composed of several branches or in a certain way, and must be replaced by a special-shaped leaf spring in structure, so as to reduce the cost and simplify the overall structure.