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Automatic steel belt trimming machine

Automatic steel belt trimming machine

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  • Release date:2020-04-21 00:00:00
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At present, the design of steel belt blanking machine has been known for a long time. For example, it is used in automatic washing machine to weaken the vibration of barrel by friction. Under the condition of high ground stress of mechanical equipment, the friction damper causes unexpected influence noise. The overall objective is maintained according to the friction damper of the product, which includes: a shell with a longitudinal axis; a swing rod / tappet that can be moved along the longitudinal axis; a friction lining used to create a friction damping force when the pendulum rod moves relative to the shell; a cover with a hole on the assembly line at the shell, and the swing rod can move over the hole. The key to this product is that the friction damper has at least one pre tightening element to release the preload to the cover at the housing of the assembly line. The pre tightening scroll spring coefficient element is used to release the preload between the cover and the shell. Very well, the cover can be assembled in the housing. The cover can be pre tightened to assemble the line in the steel strip blanking machine principle. The pre tightening element keeps the preload released to the cover of the assembly line on the housing. The preload is very much the preload of mechanical equipment. Under normal circumstances, other methods, such as magnetic preload, also work. The preload has the force component of determining the term along the longitudinal axis of the shell. It is very important that the preload is determined along the longitudinal axis. Then, when the preload obtained is relative to the longitudinal axis of the shell in such a skew angle of view, that is, when the deflection angle is larger than 15 °, very much 10 °, very large 5 ° and very large 2 °, the preload is determined along the longitudinal axis.