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Steel strip crimping machine

Steel strip crimping machine

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The production and processing industrial equipment matching with spring machine is selected for spring spring: spring grinding machine, tempering furnace and shot blasting cleaning machine, etc. Among them, spring grinding machine is also called numerical control grinder, so as to make the spring with special main purpose after forming and carry out secondary production processing, and carry out cutting on the cross section of spring, so as to achieve the special specification and model of angle of view. At present, the spring grinding machine mostly adopts column grinding wheel to carry out cutting. The spring is installed in the material plate to make it from the middle of two grinding wheels, and the cutting speed can be adjusted independently. The power of spring spring is used for tempering in air and heat treatment, quenching, aging quenching and tempering of light aluminum alloy parts such as aluminum alloy die casting, piston rod, aluminum alloy plate, etc. The shell is made of thick steel plate and channel steel by electric welding, and the vehicle is welded by channel steel and thick steel plate. The drill rod spring can reduce the radiation heat and heat convection damage according to the soft contact and sand sealing structure between the spring machine and the furnace charge, and reasonably ensure the tightness of furnace wall. After tempering, the surface of CNC spring coiling machine has the characteristics of smooth, no air oxidation and no carburizing. Shot blasting cleaning machine is a kind of solving technology for Dongguan feeding machine to cast steel sand and steel ball on the surface of raw material block at high speed according to the shot blasting device. It is a casting equipment that uses the high-speed shot thrown out by the shot blasting device to remove or strengthen the surface of casting parts, and can also carry out sand dropping, core removal and cleaning for casting parts.钢带卷曲机


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