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Steel Strip Slitting machine

Steel Strip Slitting machine

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Because in the whole operation process of slitting machine, the specific cutting quality is usually damaged by CNC blade and other components. In addition, the basic performance of cutterhead should be considered. In the manufacturing period, if the cutter shaft vibrates greatly in the radial or axial direction, it will cause the change of the gap and overlap, so it will damage the segmentation quality of the goods. In other words, there will be hidden dangers in the surface of commodities, such as burr, side bending and distortion.

This situation may reflect the basic performance of slitting machine. In general, the temperature of the rolling bearing of the cutter shaft will rise to a certain extent in the whole process of the operation of the cutter bed, and the gap will change due to the thermal deformation of the cutter shaft. That will also have a certain adverse effect on the quality. Therefore, in the case of designing scheme and making cutter head, the thermal deformation problem of spring energy should be considered. In the whole process of assembly, the relative difference between the left and right axes should not exceed 5 μ M. In fact, in the production period of Strip Slitting machine, in order to achieve higher accuracy requirements, it is necessary to pay attention to the vibration accuracy of the cutter shaft in the axial and radial direction, and also to ensure the accuracy of the cutter shaft itself. For the diameter of cutter shaft, the nominal diameter of NC blade should be maintained between 0.01 mm and 0.015 mm. In other words, as a standard cutter shaft must also ensure high precision.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure the moving function of the cutter shaft on the spring machine. This is because during the operation period of Strip Slitting machine, the shaft shoulder, which is the reference point for tool allocation, may undergo certain changes due to the damage of components after operation. Therefore, this problem should be considered in the design scheme.