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Automatic spring winding machine for safety belt

Automatic spring winding machine for safety belt

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Trimming machine is mostly used to produce constant force spring machine, wood fillet, metal material blank holder, amorphous strip grinding and so on. Also known as chamfering machine. Trimming machine is to use a blade to edge the board, according to the shape of the blade, the edge of the board can be made into a relative shape, generally as an oblique angle to make a circular arc edge, and also as a practical operation of moderate grinding and polishing of wood. It is also widely used for structural reinforcement of beams, plates, columns and walls of engineering buildings, interior decoration, wall installation, support frame, guardrail, advertisement board, air conditioner external unit, slide rail, satellite receiver, elevator car, steel structure workshop, etc. Operation process of carpenter trimming machine:

The trimming machine is generally in one hand mode, but in order to keep the production of steel strip curling machine stable and balanced, can use the other hand of production steel strip blanking machine to assist. In actual operation, hold the trimming machine firmly, and then turn on the power switch of the trimming machine. When a novice starts practical operation, he is frightened by the vibration and noise of the equipment starting (kgs254m is used for the second time, and his heart is always hanging when cutting aluminum alloy profiles). If he does not hold the equipment firmly and let go, it will not only break the equipment, but also produce risks.

After the trimming machine is started, the equipment will quickly achieve all normal speed ratio, and then the milling cutter of the trimming machine can be inserted into the working object vertically. If it is working in blank holder, first press the base close to the working object at the bottom, and then gradually lean the milling cutter to the working object. At this time, it is necessary to hold the equipment firmly to prevent resilience. When the milling cutter of trimming machine is pressed into the work object, milling can be promoted. The rate of promotion varies with the type of wood, the depth of milling, and the sharpness of the milling cutter. If there is a feeling of pushing and not moving, or when the motor noise is heavy, you must slow down the speed. In the whole process of pushing, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the trimming machine without skewing, otherwise the milling will not be vertical.

After milling, the trimming machine can be lifted vertically to make the milling cutter leave the working object. If you do not lift the trimming machine vertically, there is also a risk of cutting off the milling cutter or breaking the work. If the trimming machine is working, or T-groove cutter or flat feathered cutter is used, first push it to the right to make the milling cutter leave the working object, and then lift the trimming machine.

After lifting the trimming machine, you can turn off the power switch of the trimming machine, and then put the trimming machine flat on the workbench. It's not easy to hurt the cutter until it's pointed forward. If you want to use it after a period of time, you should first pull out the power plug