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Constant force spring equipment

Constant force spring equipment

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People can see metal stamping parts in daily life. In order to improve productivity and quality as the overall goal, we continue to introduce technology. How to improve the processing quality of metal stamping parts? I can analyze it from the following aspects.

1. Chemical composition analysis and metallographic examination

The composition of chemical molecules in the material is analyzed, the grade of crystal grain size and symmetry level is judged, the grade of mineral cementite, strip mechanism and nonmetallic materials in the material is identified, and the defects such as shrinkage porosity and looseness are checked.

2. Material inspection

The processing materials of metal stamping parts are mainly hot rolled or cold rolled (mainly cold rolled) metal strip materials. The raw materials of metal stamping parts shall be provided with quality certificates to ensure that the materials meet the required technical standards. When there is no quality certificate or for other reasons, the manufacturer of metal stamping parts can select raw materials for re inspection. 3. Formability test

The bending test and cupping test are carried out on the materials, and the hard bottoming index n value and plastic deformation strain force ratio R value of the materials produced by the scroll spring machine manufacturer are measured. In addition, the formability test mode of thick steel plate can be carried out according to the requirements of cold rolled steel Sheet Formability and test method.

4. Strength test

Rockwell hardness tester is selected for strength inspection of spring winding machine manufacturer. Small and medium-sized metal stamping parts with complicated appearance can be used to detect the small plan, so it can not be tested on the general desktop Rockwell hardness tester

5. Other performance specified measurements

The electromagnetic induction properties of materials and the adhesion ability of coatings and coatings are measured.

We have talked about the technical standards for processing metal stamping parts. In addition, it should be noted that the precision and surface condition of hot metal stamping parts are less than those of cold metal stamping parts, but they are still better than those of castings and steel castings, and the amount of drilling and processing is less. People's metal stamping parts manufacturers engaged in metal stamping parts for more than 30 years Rich and colorful working experience of metal stamping parts processing, improving metal stamping parts processing, has always attached great importance to the work planning and self-management of the processing plant. People's hardware stamping parts manufacturers adhere to the guarantee period and quality assurance of each product according to customer satisfaction, which is the service commitment of people to customers and the recognition of customers.