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Characteristics and structure of spring manufacturer

2020-04-11 21:07:23


The earless retaining ring (called constant section rings in overseas countries) is also called equal cross-section ring. Because of the same cross-section and the part of the retaining ring in the traditional stamping die protrudes from the inside of the ear, it is called the non ear retaining ring. The ear less retaining ring and spiral retaining ring have common features in production, manufacture and application. They are all made of stainless steel wire flattening coil inductor. After quenching and tempering treatment and metal surface treatment of CNC spring coiling machine, they have excellent ductility and ductility. There are two types of trunnion retaining ring for shaft and hole. There are various forms and tail can be selected.

Characteristics of non lug retaining ring

The ear retaining ring has the following characteristics:

⊙ the cross section is the same and the support is symmetrical, which reduces the application stress of spring coiling machine

⊙ the inner and outer circles are smooth and detailed, and do not interfere with the matching parts

⊙ there is no burr in the inner and outer diameter, and the disassembly is convenient

⊙ there is almost no waste corner material in the processing process, which saves materials

⊙ no need to make abrasives. According to the change of material thickness, it can be easily made into light load type, medium load type and light load type

⊙ production cycle time is short, and the price of traditional spring machine materials is common, spring steel, stainless steel, copper and other coil spring machine shaped metal materials can be easily manufactured.

Application of ear less retaining ring

Similar to the traditional C-type retaining ring, it is widely used in hydraulic fittings assembly line, gate valve, instrument panel, various lock cylinder components, cylindrical roller bearing, belt plate, RF connector, quick plug connector and other mechanical equipment assembly line.

Material of retaining ring without ear

The earless retaining ring can be made of a variety of materials, such as spring steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials can be easily produced and manufactured. At present, the price of Steel Strip Slitting machine is sold. The common spiral retaining ring materials on the market are carbon spring steel, aluminum alloy spring steel, 65Mn, stainless steel 304 (British common 302), 316, 17-7ph, some places will use beryllium bronze aluminum alloy and its Heat resistant alloy and other materials.

Structure of non lug retaining ring



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