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How does a good spring machine work at high temperature

2020-04-11 21:16:52

(1) In order to improve the quality of special-shaped spring steel, the industrial production is relatively developed. In our country, the refining technology outside the furnace, steel rolling process, new cold rolling and on-line automatic identification and control system are generally adopted.

In order to ensure the composition of steel and reduce the content of vapor and various non-metallic materials, scroll spring is used to smelt in large space heating furnace or coke oven, and ladle refining outside the furnace is used to reduce the oxygen content (molar mass) to (0.0021 ~ 0.0010)%, and ultra pure steel is produced, which greatly improves the design scheme of special-shaped spring and ground stress in work.

The rolling process has been used in the production of special-shaped spring steel. Steel rolling can reduce shrinkage porosity and secondary air oxidation according to electromagnetic induction mixing and forging of ultra-low temperature scroll spring, improve surface carburization, and make mechanism and performance stable and even.

The precision of specification and surface quality can be improved by using split type continuous extrusion press. In addition, the stainless steel plate of the customized constant force spring machine can be symmetrical along the long and short microscope mechanism by using the safety belt spring equipment. In the whole process of cold rolling, in order to ensure the surface quality of goods, automatic identification and operation on line are adopted. In order to suit the production and manufacture of special-shaped spring galvanized flat steel with variable cross-section, a new cold-rolled forming technology of austenitic stainless steel was developed and designed, that is, the steel was heated to the austenitic stainless steel area and then quenched to the metastable austenitic stainless steel area to carry out plastic deformation processing and hot processing. This kind of processing technology can not only reduce the plastic deformation of steel, but also improve the compressive strength. In addition, there are also ways to improve the performance of special-shaped spring steel, such as customized stainless steel spring treatment and surface hard bottom treatment according to the quenching and tempering line after rolling.

(2) The development trend of carbon steel the key function of aluminum alloy element is to improve the mechanical properties of customized scroll spring structure, improve the processing performance and grant some unique properties. SiCr steel has been used in cylinder and suspension system. Si is an element of stress relaxation resistant aluminum alloy. Adding V and Mo to SiCr steel can produce sicrv and sicrmo steel, which can improve fatigue life and anti relaxation performance. In addition, the anti relaxation performance of SiCr drawing stainless steel wire is better than that of piano stainless steel wire and carbon special-shaped spring stainless steel wire for key main use. With the high-speed practical application of diesel engine, Ti aluminum alloy with good anti flutter performance, light quality and small elastic die has been widely used, and its compressive strength reaches 2000mPa.



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