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Definition of application pressure gauge for spring machine

2020-04-11 21:23:00

Definition of pressure: the definition of pressure here refers to the physical gas pressure, that is, the size of the pressure on the total area of the enterprise. The pressure is higher than the pressure zero based on the pressure zero position. Positive pressure: Based on atmospheric pressure, higher than atmospheric pressure. Air pressure (vacuum pump): Based on atmospheric pressure, less than atmospheric pressure. Gas pressure: error gauge pressure between two pressures: customized steel belt blanking machine pressure gauge based on atmospheric pressure, exceeding or below atmospheric pressure: Based on atmospheric pressure, it is used to measure instrument panel vacuum value below or above atmospheric pressure. There are two expression methods of pressure and classified pressure One is the pressure expressed by vacuum as the reference, called pressure; the other is based on atmospheric pressure

The pressure of expression is called relative pressure. Because the pressure measured by most pressure measuring instruments is all relative pressure, the pressure of relative stainless steel spring manufacturer is also called gauge pressure. When the pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, it can be expressed by the standard value of less than one atmospheric pressure in the vessel. It is called "vacuum value". Their correlation is as follows: pressure = atmospheric pressure + relative pressure vacuum value = atmospheric pressure - pressure in China, the pressure enterprise is pa (n / m2), which is called Pascal, commonly known as PA. Because the enterprise of this kind of safety belt spring spring equipment is very small, it is often used to use 106 times of enterprise MPa (kPa) pressure gauge. In the whole process of industrial production process management and technical measurement, because the malleability sensitive element of foot pressure gauge has high impact toughness and convenient production and manufacturing, pedal pressure gauge is more and more widely used.

The ductility sensitive element in the pressure gauge of mechanical equipment causes elastic deformation along with the pressure change of customized coiler. Spring spring (Bourdon tube), pulse damper, diaphragm box and metal bellows are selected and classified as pressure gauges of mechanical equipment. The measured pressure is generally regarded as relative pressure. The general relativity is chosen as atmospheric pressure. The elastic deformation of the customized variable diameter spring machine caused by the elastic element under the effect of material pressure. According to the larger structure of the transmission gear of the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge will display the relative value (or high or low) relative to the atmospheric pressure



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