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The difference of spring machine production in common factories

2020-04-12 16:56:45

In order to distinguish the essential difference between the two kinds of spring, people should first understand the basic elements of the spring. The spring is made of high toughness steel chain coil inductance. Under random circumstances, the spring has no elasticity, so there should be external force on the spring to cause plastic deformation. According to the deformation, the spring can store kinetic energy. When the external force dissipates, the spring will repair the random situation and release it to the previous storage The stored kinetic energy causes elasticity. Therefore, we can understand that the spring itself does not have elasticity. It has to have an external force to deform it and store kinetic energy to create elasticity.

After understanding the basic elements of the spring, people will learn about the two basic shapes of the spring. One is the tenacity and the other is the scroll. The name of the flexible spring is based on its elastic characteristics. In a popular way, it is the spring whose elastic energy base will not be changed. The scroll spring is named according to the appearance of the spring, because its appearance is a circle It is named after the circle whose diameter increases from inside to outside. Because the cold drawing ratio of carbon steel is worse than that of stainless steel plate, carbon steel can only be used to produce scroll spring, and stainless steel plate spring can be used to produce scroll spring, and can also be used to produce toughness spring.

After the basic shape of the spring has been clarified, people have made it clear that the difference between stainless steel and carbon steel spring is actually the difference between the two raw materials in the shape of scroll spring. The next step shows that the problem needs to be concise and clear. For the reason that carbon steel raw materials can not be used to produce tough spring.

Due to the different composition of the two raw materials, the key disadvantage of the spring price of carbon steel spring is that it is very easy to rust. When it is applied in the natural environment with high temperature and high environmental humidity, it is easy to rust. However, the corrosion will erode the metal components of the raw materials Raw materials are very easy to deform and crack. Therefore, if the natural environment of commodity application is not very good, we should try our best to use stainless steel plate for the production of winder. The difference between the two depends on, because the production process is not the same The performance of the products is also different. The production process of carbon steel raw materials is caused by the low strength butt weld joint according to the heat treatment and re quenching to obtain the high toughness of the production and manufacture of the spring, which is caused by the setting process of the scroll spring Carbon steel raw materials have poor ductility and low service life, and they also have the condition of overall spring rupture in specific application. Stainless steel plate is a variable diameter spring. The price of stainless steel plate is variable diameter spring. The thickness and strength required for production and manufacturing of spring can be obtained by extruding machine with low strength butt weld according to multiple injection molding. In addition, constant force spring has good ductility, which will cause The service life is better than that of carbon steel, and the performance is more stable.

The price difference between the two is due to the fact that the chromium content of stainless steel plate accounts for 20.16-20.18% and that of nickel accounts for 20.6-20.8%. Therefore, the price is 2-3 times higher than that of carbon steel. For the same specification and model of spring, under the condition of the same processing cost, the price of the two will be about 2 times higher than that of carbon steel. Which one should be selected in specific production and manufacturing The coil winding should be distinguished according to the requirements of the commodity. From the perspective of cost, carbon steel spring is selected, but its performance is weak. From the perspective of quality, stainless steel plate is selected, but the cost is higher.



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