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Those products are called the art of spring manufacturers

2020-04-12 16:58:41

Wind up is the memory chip of mechanical watch, which is equal to the rechargeable battery on the electronic watch. Generally speaking, winding up is winding up. A good watch can be turned on automatically. The last time it can be used is one to three days. Watches are mainly composed of prime mover, transmission system and marking system. The primary drive system shows the driving force. No matter how good the driving force is, the transmission system will not work. Therefore, the price of winding machine is really a plastic art. Here's the basic principles and key FAQs.

Manual mechanical watch: hand chain watch core, according to the head of the rotating watch, the main spring in the watch core is full of strings, after the spring is completely exhausted, promote the operation of the transmission gear, promote the movement of the watch needle, and in addition, push the main spring in the watch to chain up to promote the travel time.

Automatic mechanical watch: in the condition of scroll spring, the price of general variable diameter spring machine is manually added with an automatic component: automatic Tuohe automatic wheel. The driving force of the watch core is driven by the net weight of the pendulum in the watch core. When the arm of the watch is swinging, the pendulum will be pushed. The relative watch itself will be thicker than the general hand winding watch.

General automatic watch should wear steel belt quenching furnace every day, the price is above 8 hours in hand before the wind up kinetic energy can be added. It is proposed to wear a watch on national holidays. Only by wearing it in the hand, can the watch not be stopped until it is continuously wound up. Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon that people who work in personnel work often stop and leave their watches. In addition to the watch core, it is because the wearer's exercise intensity is not enough, so it is not possible to fill the spring with sufficient kinetic energy. If it belongs to this kind of reason, you can choose to wind up the watch by hand.

The winding condition is harmful to travel time: 1. It is not on the chain. 2. On the chain situation, all normal travel, do not have to be too full, because the watch is worn in the hand will automatically chain. 3. When the chain is full, if it is too full, it will be stuck.

Calibration time: the general calibration time is on the right knob of the watch; for the automatic mechanical watch with broken spring, the right knob is pulled outward, the first gear is to adjust the time, the second gear is to adjust the time; if there is a worship sign, the first gear is worship, the second is time, and the third is adjusting time.

Warm reminder: I propose to avoid the application of manual type bar, because of the manual type bar, you must push a lot of automatic wheels to rotate together. The automatic components are very easy to be damaged, so that the watch will increase the extra maintenance cost. It's not the same thing to do it in the morning and at night. Comparatively speaking, mechanical watches wind up well in the morning. However, the last time of the calendar watch should be up and down at 9:00 p.m., so that when the calendar watch is disassembled and replaced at night every day, the spring elasticity is sufficient to ensure that the calendar equipment can have sufficient driving force, and the calendar watch with long service life should be installed at night.



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