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Production direction of spring equipment in 2020

2020-04-12 17:00:33

The quality of the spring in the original tissue is critical to the travel time characteristics of the watch. It should have sufficient but not excessive output torque. The spring up principle of mechanical watch is that when the price of constant force spring machine is slowly tightened, with the increase of torque, the swing of pendulum will certainly expand. When the spring is all tightened to achieve the torque in work, the watch will carry out fitness exercise.

The time experienced by the winder will also change when the speed change organization vibrates at any time. The watch will move faster and slower, which is related to the uneven output torque in the work of the spring.

In the past, most spiral clocks were made of high carbon steel, with low fatigue limit and fast torque decline. After years of application of steel strip crimping machine, the spring will break. At present, the domestic watches have widely used stainless steel plate or drill based alloy as raw materials to make S-shaped skyhook watch spring, and the spring price is high However, it has the advantages of high toughness, high elastic coefficient, high fatigue limit, corrosion resistance and antimagnetism. It not only has sufficient kinetic energy reserve, but also can improve the travel time precision of the meter.

At the present stage, the watch spring has adopted the block external hook, which should be easily moved in the axial direction during the work of the spring, so that most of the rings of the spring can be close to the same boat when tightening and releasing the pressure, so as to reduce the friction between the price circles of the steel belt blanking machine. In the automatic form, when the spring is completely tightened, the automatic winding organization will still work again. In order to prevent the spring load from breaking or damaging other parts of the automatic organization, the toe of the automatic watch spring contains a very long auxiliary spring which is similar to a hook like piece. The front one and the back one are fixed on the spring by welding. The watch should be used when winding up Wind up the way.



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