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Why is the spring so practical? It turns out that there is this one

2020-05-20 14:53:58


In order to improve the corrosion resistance of spring springs, manufacturers usually carry out some targeted treatment. Because of the low cost and high efficiency of oxidation treatment, its application rate is very high. Oxidation methods include salt oxidation, alkali free oxidation and electrolytic oxidation, among which alkali oxidation is the most popular method. The metabasic air oxidation method is to put the elastic yellow into high temperature and soak it in the aqueous solution containing the oxidant sodium hydroxide solution for a certain period of time. The interaction of oxidant, sodium hydroxide solution and iron produces sodium ferrate and sodium ferrate, which interact to form magnetic iron oxide.

Although the oxide film can improve the corrosion resistance of spring, its protection ability is poor because of its thin film and air hole. It can only be used in the spring working in the medium with weak corrosion. The anti-corrosion performance of the oxide film depends on the density and thickness of the oxide film.

Be sure to solve the problem of oxidation resistance before and after solution. Before oxidation, rust, oxide scale, oil stain, quenching and tempering treatment, surface touching layer and so on must be completely eliminated. After the oxidation is solved, the elastic yellow is generally filled in soap water solution or chromate salt solution, and then cleaned, dried or agitated with flowing warm boiled water, and finally the shrinkage water antirust agent or mechanical lubricating oil is soaked into the oil at a certain temperature.

Finally, the Spring Factory reminds you that oxidation treatment will erode the surface grain boundaries of some hot-rolled spring materials, which will reduce the fatigue strength to a certain extent. Therefore, caution should be taken in the oxidation treatment.



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