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Attention should be paid to the oxidation treatment of the spring at room temperature

2020-05-20 14:55:22

As we all know, the production process of hot rolled steel elastic yellow has gone through all kinds of production processing and various experiments, which are the guarantee of product quality and life. People in the industry know that the traditional spring oxidation treatment needs heating. In recent years, some manufacturers have just begun to use room temperature reducer, without the technical shortcomings of the traditional type, saving a lot of electromagnetic energy. The oxidant is a blue-green uniform and clear solution, non flammable and odorless. The working fluid is composed of stock solution and tap water.

First, the oxidation treatment device is relatively simple. When a small number of workpieces are black, plastic barrels can be used. When a large number of workpieces are black, glass fiber or plastic trough can be used. Buckets and baskets for lifting operations shall also be made of plastic. Polypropylene plastic, the upper glue groove can be made of steel plate.

Secondly, the normal temperature oxidant treatment of spring can be divided into three parts: pretreatment, blackening and sealing.

The pretreatment method is the same as the basic air oxidation solution, but the pretreatment quality is important to ensure the indoor temperature deterioration quality. Must be thoroughly degreased, rusted and cleaned.

The sealing process is to immerse the blackened and fully washed workpiece with cold water into the dehydrated antirust oil. When soaking, shake the workpiece to make the dehydration sufficient and oil immersion even.

After oxidation treatment at room temperature, black powder film is formed on the surface of the workpiece, which does not affect the oxidation quality.

In addition to the inspection requirements, this layer of powder film does not need to be wiped. The strength and compactness of the inner black mucosa also increased with the increase of storage time. After the workpiece turns black, clean and seal.



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