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The spring can adjust the height of the electric fan

2020-05-20 14:58:18


When the fan moves up and down, we will feel that the door will be a little heavy. In order to make it more convenient to use, we all hope that the fan can be lifted and lowered more easily, and the fan can be positioned freely by moving up and down manually. However, we know that because of the energy in the center of the earth, the block without support point will automatically fall to the bottom, rise and thicken. Therefore, in order to achieve the overall goal of light and arbitrary precise positioning, the big household must deal with the problem of force. As long as the weight and size are matched, the spring will not drop rapidly due to the gravity of the earth's center when it is pulled down, and it will not be too difficult to pull up because of gravity.

There are several key points in the lifting and lowering of the fan

1. Elasticity

In a relatively limited indoor space, we should make a fixed non dynamic rod to achieve compressive strength requirements; we should improve from two levels, so that the hair pole can give full play to the actual effect of good ductility under the same specification standard.

a. Reasonable use of spring material: spring machine in the use of materials, we will through product design need to use spring to understand that the material corresponding to the spring for production and processing.

b. Deep processing technology: under the same surface specification, they all have different whole processes. In the two comparisons, you will find that they are more significant. When we pull the spring to a certain length, we can see that they are not the same, some will expand the volume, high density of body cracks.

2. Life problems:

In the whole process of application, there will be a problem of short service life, because each spring has a certain life period. Just like the spring problem, they are all related to materials and processing technology. Choose the general materials and immature production technology, the product life will be greatly reduced.



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