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Application and principle of spring equipment

2020-05-22 17:05:38

In people's daily life, although playing yellow is not very widespread, but I think we also have a corresponding understanding. For example, the small dynamometer used by our teacher in physics class can hang small objects. However, it is obvious that some large and medium-sized industrial sites or the internal structure of machinery and equipment are really used. For example, the internal structure of the internal machine is equipped with some kind of five gold spring, and the spring yellow in the elastic yellow rod. At the same time, there are many types of Tan Huang, which can be used by different manufacturing industries and groups.


Constant force springs have been around for a long time.

Constant force spring is designed according to the basic principle of force balance. Under the allowable load, the load force distance and spring yellow force distance keep stable from beginning to end. For the pipeline and mechanical equipment supported by the constant crane, when the force is applied, it can give stable support force, so there will be no additional pressure on the pipeline mechanical equipment. The constant crane is usually used to reduce the stress pressure, such as the power station boiler itself, the steam, water, smoke, air duct and burner of power station, and the aspects that need such support in petroleum and chemical industry.

At the same time, the spring spring also needs maintenance and care, which is the same as everyone. If you don't take good care of yourself, you will look worse than the people of the same age if you don't take care of yourself. Similarly, if you don't take care of the constant force spring, its appearance and performance will be worse than before, and the different methods of constant force spring care for different purposes are also different The same. For example, when a tractor is installed with a steering spring, it is necessary to identify the left-hand spring spring and the right-hand spring spring. The left side needs to be equipped with right-hand spring yellow, and the right side needs to be equipped with left-hand spring yellow. If the left and right spring yellow are installed in the opposite direction, when the tractor turns, it will be subject to a reverse torsion force, which will deform the spring yellow, even twist the spring yellow, or damage the inner steps of the steering gear. If the spring is used for too long, the performance of the spring will be affected.


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