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Understand several kinds of heat treatment spring equipment

2020-05-26 16:41:58

Several kinds of common machines and equipment for conditioning spring

We have already introduced the heat treatment method of spring spring in detail before. We understand that the quenching and tempering treatment of spring spring is a key processing technology to ensure the quality of spring spring, and then the heat treatment furnace is the key to ensure the quality of spring spring.

As a common strengthening process of spring spring, quenching and tempering has low cost and good application performance. Therefore, it is loved by many spring manufacturers and widely used

What about these machines and equipment used for spring springs in quenching and tempering? Salt bath furnace and electric heating furnace are widely used. Next, we will talk about the electric heating furnace.

Electric heating furnace in the general spring factory, electric heating furnace is one of the common machinery and equipment, electric heating furnace has the following categories.

a. Box furnace is a medium temperature box furnace which is widely used in the production and manufacture of box furnace. The actual operation and maintenance of the machine and equipment are simple and easy, and the general processing regulations of quenching, tempering and heating can be considered. The defect is that it is easy to cause air oxidation carburizing layer on the elastic yellow surface layer by heating in the gas. The key spring yellow is not suitable for heating in this type of furnace.

b. The key of well type resistance furnace is the quenching of elastic yellow, de geostress quenching and cold working.

c. Rotary hot gas quenching furnace the application of rotary hot gas quenching furnace has obvious comprehensive economic benefits for the production and manufacture of spring spring. The installation of the furnace is much more convenient than that of the well type resistance furnace and the nitrate recovery furnace, and has the characteristics of rapid heating, uniform temperature control, high production efficiency and environmental protection and energy saving (about 50 power saving compared with the well type resistance furnace).



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