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Coil spring

Coil spring

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The design of the tube winder is unique in shape, various colors, reasonable and high-quality internal structure design. The coil spring is durable for a long time, and can be fixed in many directions. What is the basic principle and effect of the coil? The following is a detailed description:

The input server port is connected with a section of bronchus, and the output server port bronchus is equipped with a self-locking device. The secret medicine of the tube winder has the effect of automatic line arrangement. After pulling out a section of bronchus, the self-locking device of scroll spring manufacturer will work. If you want to close the bronchus, you need to pull out another section. When the bronchus is based, the self-locking device will loose and the bronchus will be recovered.

According to the cleaning machine and equipment of the pipe winder, the difficulty of blocking the operation of the product caused by the dirt accumulation on the surface of the plastic hose is eliminated, and the difficulty of reducing the service life of the plastic hose due to the extrusion processing of the plastic hose is also avoided. The plug-in function of the pipe reel greatly increases its main use and achieves the function of "one machine with multiple tubes". In order to improve the service life of the products, the manufacturers of the scroll spring choose the materials which are more suitable for bending strain, tensile strength and credibility.

To sum up, the pipe winder not only eliminates the construction site, but also eliminates the potential safety hazards, which not only saves labor, but also truly ensures the cost control for the enterprise and casts economic benefits.


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