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Coil spring

Coil spring

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Many consumers choose to use the spring yellow reel, but they have a lot of doubts about how to correctly install, use and maintain. The items that should be paid attention to in the whole process of using the reel should be paid attention to, so as to prevent unnecessary harm caused by improper operation process. Precautions for installation of pipe reel:

1. The installation height of the spring manufacturer in the plan can not exceed 5 meters.

2. When connecting the pneumatic control valve, the manufacturer of spring spring in plan should check whether the pressure of pneumatic regulating valve is less than the application pressure of pipe reel.

3. The direction of the guiding frame should be consistent with the most common pulling direction of the plastic hose. Generally, there are four kinds of guiding frame adjustment parts for the pipe reel.

Points for attention in the use of pipe reel:

1. When the plastic hose is pulled out, the direction of the inlet and outlet of the guiding frame should be delayed. After the plastic hose is pulled out completely, it is not allowed to pull the plastic hose with strange force to avoid the damage of the plastic hose and the pipe reel.

2. After dragging to the required length, it should be locked immediately.

3. Take back the plastic hose immediately after the use of the reel.

4. Plastic hose recycling must follow the plastic hose until the reel stops rotating. Do not let go of your hand and allow it to be recycled at will.

5. After the plastic hose is taken back, the inlet and outlet ends of the pipe reel shall not be suspended for lifting.

6. The plastic hose is recycled along the middle part of the guiding frame to avoid the plastic hose piling up on one side of the pipe reel.


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