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Coil spring

Coil spring

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Warning!!! : when replaying the plastic hose, do not transfer it immediately and let the plastic hose be purchased at will. The resilience of the spring will make the plastic hose quickly purchased. The connector of the spring manufacturer of large and small hair strips will swing in the whole process of random purchase, which will lead to serious injury or safety production accidents. The random purchase of large and small hair spring manufacturers will also cause unavoidable to the reel harm.

Adjustment of spring yellow range for maintenance and repair:

1. When removing the plastic hose, the reel should be in the elastic yellow completely relaxed state.

2. It is not allowed to dismantle and disassemble the spring yellow box at will. The spring yellow box may pop up a window and cause harm to the staff.

3. Keep the outside of the reel clear.

4. To adjust the amplitude of playing yellow, the following videos are used to adjust the amplitude of playing yellow for 1-25 seconds, and 26-47 seconds for adjusting the amplitude of playing yellow

Tube winder is also known as winder, Winder, reel and drum. In short, the pipe or wire is wound on a shaft, which is simple and powerful. It is widely used in various production and processing production lines, machine repair workshops, automobile decoration shops, car 45 stores and other workplaces.


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