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Coil spring

Coil spring

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Classification of customized fixed force spring

According to the scope of application, the selected tubular cables are named water drum, air drum, electric drum, high pressure drum, etc.

According to the number of emergency exits, the diameter reducing accessories manufacturers are divided into multi-channel DH product series and th product series.

Raw material of pipe reel

Precision spring according to the selection of flexible plastic strip electrical conductor, such as PU, PVC and collagen like materials made of steel hose and some not widely used soft raw materials. According to the relative characteristics of raw materials, variable diameter accessories manufacturers can transmit water, gas, electricity and some low etching liquid gas!

The coil of action

improve work efficiency

Winder is a very labor-saving, convenient and fast long-distance electric energy conveyor belt equipment. Employees can save cost to obtain a variety of energy materials or special tools, and avoid the situation that special tools are placed everywhere, save working time, improve the maintenance efficiency.

The same time, can repair a lot of vehicles, winding device not only save labor, but also significantly improve efficiency!

Improving the geographical environment at work

Sorting, governing, clearing, clearing and body beauty. The precise scroll winding of the winding device can stretch and shrink the pipeline, and carry out the industrialized management scheme for various power energy pipelines. Instead of the disorderly scattering of special tools such as pipes, power cord plugs, oxyacetylene pipes, light bulbs and spray guns, it can be used alone or in composition, which greatly saves the indoor space design of the manufacturer In addition to the working environment, it raises the level of the enterprise.

Improve the geographical environment in the work, greatly increase customer satisfaction, naturally more repeat customers, do business will be welcome from the beginning to the end!


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